Tourism apps: how to improve customer experience in your hotel

Tourism apps: how to improve customer experience in your hotel

The recent advancements in technology influence on people’s lives, that´s the reason why everybody carries a smartphone or tablet daily. Technology has been changing the way we live, the way we communicate, and the way we travel.

The hospitality industry realizes that technologies can not only benefit hotels financially but improve the customer experience, which is essential to stand out from competitors. So, pay attention to this article because we will talk about different ways to improve customer experience in hotels using tourism apps.

Offer a large number of online bookings services

Nowadays, all smartphone owners love using apps to improve their traveling experience. Through apps, people like booking hotel rooms, flight tickets and other types of services. So, if you offer an online booking service, you will be able to sell everything you want anywhere and anytime.

If you can give clients the opportunity to purchase whatever they need with just an app, you will satisfy them and improve their holidays.

Furthermore, by using tourism apps, you can promote local products and services as it allows companies to give their visitors what they want at the exact time they need it. Your guests will discover places of interest, visit museums, zoos, shops, and restaurants, all by using their phones or tablets.

You must remember that all guests always expect an exclusive service experience, and mobile has changed the way people perceive what constitutes good service in hotels.

Customers love choosing how they interact with hotel staff and services. People prefer to check in on their mobile devices rather than wait in line at the front desk for a long time.

Tourism apps can facilitate a self-service model for guests that prefer quickness in some cases such as:

  • Laundry, dry cleaning, and other upgrade services.
  • Check in and check out
  • Pay for accommodations
  • Reservations for dinner at resort restaurants
  • Booking massages, spa appointments, etc.
  • Request car from valet
  • Order room service

One of the advantages of mobile apps is that they can provide easy access to information, maps, and timetables for your guests immediately.

Customer experience will be extraordinary if guests can rearrange or reorganize their traveling plans for a more enjoyable and cost-effective experience.

Be available 24 hours

If there are thousands of hotels that offer an app service, you do not want to be left behind and grant them the exclusivity in the mobile market.

Probably you are losing many customers every day by not having a mobile presence. So if your services were offered online 24 hours, you could close much more deals.

Tourism apps are the quickest and more convenient way to access any services and products.

Make it easy to use and choose an attractive design

This aspect is important in order to satisfy your customers. Tourism apps have to be usable because, if your guests cannot easily use your app, they will be very disappointed with their experience in your hotel.

Remember that usability always makes a product or service useful, which is the first step in being desirable. On the other hand, your app must have an attractive design that can remind your guests why your hotel is unique and exclusive. In other words, your tourism app must be able to captivate and enhance your customer experience.

Get feedback to improve customer satisfaction

Using apps, you will have the chance to learn more about your customers through reports and statistics such as demographics, interests, and preferences.

Furthermore, tourism apps will help you to analyze the relevance of what you are providing to your hotel. This information can be used for future marketing campaigns, for the app and brand optimization. For example, if you want to know when or how to send bulk email for free to your customers is better if you know their behavior and needs.

Asking for feedback always makes customers feel important and be taken into consideration by a company. Besides, you will get to know very well your customers, which is very advisable for any kind of business.

When you gather data from guests using the app, you will know where and when more resources need to be allocated. Questions such as when are there the most requests for certain types of services or do you have the appropriate staff to support peak times will be answered.

The data gathered from the mobile app can offer valuable insights that will help you improve operational efficiency rapidly.

Increase profits by driving additional business through loyalty programs

By using apps to sell your services and products, you are using a new sales channel where you can create exclusive offers, promotions or sales.

One of the most beneficial features that can be integrated into a tourism app is a loyalty program. They help build brand advocates, encourage upselling and drive repeat business.

Hotels can send their guests messages based on profiles, behavior, purchase history, and even location. Loyalty programs can be leveraged prior to and after the duration of a guest’s stay.

So, maybe after you have read this article you are asking yourself why you should include a tourism app in your hotel service. The self-service model is something that people increasingly prefer because it makes them save time

Tourism apps can be beneficial for customers and hotels. At the click of a button, guests can book services, make reservations and customize their hotel stay. Thus, we can affirm that tourism apps can:

  • Mitigate operational bottlenecks
  • Reduce wait times
  • Enhances customer service
  • Reduce staff workloads

It is not about eliminating face-to-face interaction with the staff because many guests prefer to deal with people rather than a device. It´s just to offer an app service which will work to your advantage as you will be able to, therefore, improve the experience of those who visit your hotel.

We hope you´ve enjoyed this article about tourism apps for hotels and learn how to enhance the customer experience in a very easy and original way.