RoomGizmo is a comprehensive solution for hotels and hospitality business which can handle such tasks as ordering, digital signage and marketing.  

It includes cloud-based administration system for orders and sales management, content management system and highly customizable client application solution allows you to target multiple platforms (tablets, smartTV and so on).

Quickly maximize user engagement and revenue generation through built-in analytics and reporting tools.

In-Room Tablets

In-room tablets allows to represent the information to yours guest in a flexible digital way, automate order management and creates a direct marketing channel.

Roomgizmo helps to eliminate language barriers since we support multilingual versions. Your guest may make orders without even calling to reception.

Our special tablet docks help to provide security for tablets and also used as a charger stations.

Smart TV Interactive Menu

If your rooms furnished with Smart TVs you can use RoomGizmo as in-room digital directory presented on this TVs as well. Ot works in the same way as tablets, shows your hotel interactive menu and marketing information but on bigger screens, you can view and manage content on them remotely using our CMS system.

RoomGizmo TV system is a simple and convenient modern interface.

A suitable content management system allows you to update immediately any changes and relevant information.

RoomGizmo is compatible with any TV brand that will not bring hotel owners additional costs for an interactive systems equipment.

It’s 24/7/365 service supporting by RoomGizmo 24 hours a day.

RoomGizmo TV integrated with a hotel management system.

Your Benefits


RoomGizmo offers to your guest’s a bunch of languages that helps with removing a language barrier.

In-room Sales Person

Visualize your offers to RoomGizmo Menu and provide your to guests with up-to-date information about your promotes and services.

Additional Revenue

Increase in-room sales and generate revenue-making services you offer to your guests available 24/7.  Room-service, SPA, dining orders made easy via a TV screen.

Improving your customer service

Use an additional opportunity to communicate with your customer.

Easily Updates

All changes are optional anytime, anywhere you need to make them.

Cuts  your expenses

With an automation of processes, your staff has reducing number of guest requests handled in person or by phone. Save your money and time!


Your Guests Benefits


All The Hotel Information in one place.

Convenient and Communicative

Via RoomGizmo, ordering hotel services are easier and optional that makes comfortable your guests stay. Booking SPA, or ordering room service and dining, or requesting traditional concierge services in one place in one touch.


Room Gizmo is easily navigated saving your guests time while searching hotel, local area, and services information.


Branded Mobile App

The Same content can be easily converted into your hotel branded mobile app, which any of your guests can have digital concierge services on their own devices.

RoomGizmo Mobile is a powerful and beneficial tool that impresses your guests and lets to communicate your managing staff with guests easily.

RoomGizmo works any known operating systems and provides multi-lingual mode if requested.

Content and operations management go through cloud-based admin dashboard.


Virtual Concierge Kiosk

Automate check-in process to avoid reception lines and provide your guest useful info about all services and activities to Improve guest experience.

Make all around your hotel information, such as additional hotel services, local area tourist guides, special offers, weather forecasts, nearest dining, shops, and banks. Let both your guests communicate via a user-friendly interface and your stuff to save their time.

  • Virtual Concierge Kiosk Benefits
  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • All in one place Information
  • Multilingual
  • Saved time
  • Advanced customer experience
  • Effective marketing tool
  • A third-party advertisement tool
  • Connection tool

Orders Processing System

As long as any device connected to our platform provides easy and convenient way to order or schedule all hotel services we developed receptionists interface where your employees can see all orders, check their status and notify guests about current progress. Everything is designed and developed to boost room service revenue.

Content Management System

Any portion of the content your guest see on all of the devices can be customised/changed and managed using RoomGizmo’s CMS (Content Management System). Change descriptions, prices, going over usage and orders statistics never been easier.