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Bring your multilingual, online salesperson to each room! Room Gizmo will service your guests 24/7.

Are you tired of annoying phone calls, guests interruptions, door knocking? Our inroom tablets allow your guests to pick a language, browse through menus online, order services, book room cleaning at any time, ask for towels, toilet amenities and other household items, rent a bike/car/scooter and car pick up, book flight/train tickets and hotels for further travel; or go over the local travel tips and order personal guide. Our projections show between 15 to 30% increase in sales revenue through customer orders and affiliate rewards. With state of the art modern design and modern technology, Room Gizmo will impress your guests. Your will be able to reach new target audiences; such as Millennials, improve your hotel image and boost brand recognition.

Why 9/10 guests do not buy additional Hotel services?

You have an excellent staff in your hotel and they are doing a great job. So what is the problem?In the age of the cell phone, the on demand and app service, you can no longer rely on outdated methods of communication. Even if your receptionist, housekeeper and hotel waiter are doing a great job, they are not able to automatically translate in 20 different language or transfer an order to different departments in a matter of seconds. It is time to implement the next generation of hotel service: THE INROOM TABLET.


Faster, better service

Increase your Revenue by increasing the average dollar amount spent per guest.

With built-in promotional messaging, upselling suggestions and effective promotion of your facilities.

Multi-language support

Lost in translation?

Говорим по-русски. نحن نتكلم العربية. 我们讲中国. Wir sprechen Deutsch.

Customize UI experience

You can customize design and fit to your specific brand.
Clients can manage their content and services easily via any browser, with changes instantly updated on the user’s device.

Customer Satisfaction

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Happier guests come back. We help your guests make the most of their stay, helping to bring their hotel experience to life in a way that complements traditional service.

RoomGizmo Blog

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Tourism apps: how to improve customer experience in your hotel

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In-Room Hospitality Tablets Instead of Paper Service Menus

In-Room Hospitality Tablets Instead of Paper Service Menus

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